All of us at NGWPR wish you a joyous holiday season and look forward to your continuing support for GWPs in need in 2021
  • 85% agree that human interaction with pets reduces loneliness
  • 76% say human-pet interactions reduce social isolation

Veterinary Telemedicine with VCPR

  1. Chronic, recurrent issues like flea allergies or behavior problems

Veterinary online services without VCPR

Internet Health Information


  1. The site offers medication that normally requires a prescription (Rimadyl, Deramaxx, etc.), yet the site tells you they can provide the medication without a prescription.
Daisy, available from Lottie Long legs

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National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue

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NGWP rescue

NGWP rescue

We believe that the more we educate people the more likely we are to accomplish our mission of matching homeless GWPs with loving owners.