Neko, Dr. Dye’s rescued GWP

No Time To Spare — Recognizing and Preventing Canine Bloat

The most important aspect of this condition is prevention, awareness, and early recognition.

Cause and Progression of Bloat

Progression of GVD

Risk Factors for Bloat

· Breed/size:

· Age (risk increases with age)

· First Degree Relative that has had this issue

· Genetics

· Sex

Symptoms of Bloat

Common change in body stance of dog

If a dog is retching and not bringing up anything other than saliva, go to the veterinarian ASAP if there is any possibility of bloat!

Diagnosis and Treatment of Bloat

Stomach sutured to the abdominal wall


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NGWP rescue

NGWP rescue

We believe that the more we educate people the more likely we are to accomplish our mission of matching homeless GWPs with loving owners.