2021 Nationals in Kalamazoo-Best Fundraising Year Ever for Rescue

GWPCA Nationals September 30-October 10, 2021

Leslie R. Dye, MD, Treasurer, National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue

Field trials in Iona, MI (photo by Laura Myles)
Rescue items raffled on Friday night
Close up of rescue raffle items on Saturday night
Kaylee Wagoner, raffle assistant extraordinaire, taking a break with her friend, Cora Hickman

Exciting News for NGWPR-Good Dog Grant Awarded

The NGWPR was awarded a Good Dog grant for Project Hope and our work on early detection of thyroid detection. The purpose of the grant, developed by Good Dog, is to “support Clubs in an effort to build a better world for dogs.” The rescue board, with the help of Robin K. Nelson, DVM, has developed a process to make it as simple as possible for fosters, adopters, and veterinarians to obtain the correct specimens and ship them for appropriate testing with all costs covered by donations to Project Hope, including this much appreciated grant. For more information on Project Hope and hypothyroidism, click here. The rescue is grateful for the generous support for this important project from Good Dog.

Press release announcing Good Dog grant award to NGWPR
Ben Holmes and his wife Hannah with Mabel, their rescued GWP

Meet Ben Holmes, Our New Webmaster

The NGWPR is fortunate to have a new volunteer as our webmaster. Ben Holmes is a middle school band director in Granbury, Texas where he lives with his wife, Hannah, a speech pathologist, and their rescued GWP, Mabel. Their rescue adventures started with Fletcher, a Great Dane who they rescued from the side of the road where he was dumped. Unfortunately after 4 years of a wonderful life, he succumbed to pneumonia. Soon after the loss, the couple was introduced to the GWP breed by some friends, and they loved the attributes, including their reputation as healthy, tough, but also loving dogs (particularly the description as “Velcro”). They found Mabel at a local rescue, but after his interactions with Suzanne Oslander, Ben realized the volume of dogs the national rescue handles and wanted to get involved. “I was thrilled to see a volunteer position open for running the website. I am thrilled to be a part of this great organization and assist in helping people find their GWP companion.” Welcome, Ben. Thank you for your help.

About Us

National GWP Rescue is a nationwide rescue program whose volunteers work tirelessly to provide funding, foster homes, medical care and training for GWPs found in shelters, animal control facilities and to those GWPs whose current owners are unable to provide a suitable situation.


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NGWP rescue

NGWP rescue

We believe that the more we educate people the more likely we are to accomplish our mission of matching homeless GWPs with loving owners.